New and very important ideas and tips for portraiture

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New and very important ideas and tips for portraiture

Сообщение GOG85 » 16 июл 2020, 04:15

New and very important ideas and tips for portraiture

10 new ideas for portrait photography The art of portraiture, or the so-called portrayal of people, is among the most complex and difficult types of photography, because it focuses primarily on photographing people in specific situations and situations. The photographer in this case does not just take a picture, but goes beyond that, expressing feelings and feelings by focusing on the features and movements of the person who is photographing it. You do your part if you are a fan of portraiture, and even if you are not a fan of that, one day you will be put in an embarrassing situation when one of your dearest friends or one of your most important relatives asks you to take a portrait for him, in this case you are inevitably forced to strengthen that The image and not showing any weakness in it, as the professional photographer in the art of portraiture photographing is able to innovate and express new ideas and feelings every time he takes a picture. Photographer in Sharjah

Unfortunately, there are few amateur photographers who have the opportunity to discipline and work hard in dealing with portraits, if you do not have friends and relatives that encourage you to take portraits, surely it will hardly be difficult for you to evolve greatly and quickly to the ranks of professional photographers. Always remember that the professional photographer was not born as such, he was at first merely an amateur, but over time he developed his skills and abilities in the art of photography. If you really want to take advantage of the maximum opportunities available to you to take pictures of your friends or relatives, do not skimp on yourself by devoting some moments of your precious time to these ideas and advice through which we strive to be your support and reference to develop your skills in the art of photography Portraiture.
1- Changing your point of view: Most portrait photographers focus their photos on the eyes of the person to be photographed, meaning that the camera lens is at the same level as their eyes. But from time to time there is nothing wrong with changing the angle of focus and taking the photo, this may make the portraits that you take gain more benefit and originality, and thus increase the interest of others in your work.
2- Focus on the target view: Of course the target in this case is the person to be photographed, in this case it is advised to pay attention to all the movements of the target, the most important of which is the direction of his looks, where you can ask the person who depicts him to divert his attention to another direction and not to look directly at the camera, this It will enable you to capture a natural moment on the features of his face.
3- Breaking the laws of formation: The first advice any photographer might give you is to apply the rule of three in creating and installing the image, of course this rule has its advantages, but you can make the person’s image in the middle or align with one of the external borders of the image, in this way you will get an effect Unless you are used to it.
4- Lighting control: Try to control the lighting of the image appropriately, so that you have to light the target from multiple sides and angles in order to finally get distinct effects on the person’s face.
5- Taking the right moment: One of the techniques that helps to obtain a natural and perfect image is to photograph the person at the moment when he is not expected to photograph it. This idea is very effective when taking portraits of children or infants.
Filming children
6- Merging the movement in the image: You can ask the person who you are about to take a portrait for, to make a certain move that will remove him from the obligatory position in which he can fall, so you will achieve adding a special touch to the image.
7- The target point: You must choose and define a specific target point in the person you are photographing, such as photographing the hand, eyes, part of the face ... to give it more depth in the main subject of the image and focus on it more, which may cause the viewer to be attracted to it from the rest of the other components For the picture.
8- Adding a useful tool: You can count on adding a specific accessory to the image in which the person to be photographed appears, which may give it another dimension. Of course, you must ensure that the latter will not be the main goal in the image, but rather it will be merely an addition to give a greater aesthetic in the composition And installation of the image.
9- Hiding a part of the target: Hiding a specific part of the target to be photographed is a fine art, so that if you for example illuminate a special part of the target’s body and leave the rest without lighting, you will get a very cool effect, this technique you can rely on in a case broadly If you were photographed in black and white.
10 - Take more than one photo: This advice I think you have noticed is frequently repeated in a group of tips that we provide exclusively on the photographer's blog, of course we do not focus on something and repeat it continuously except for its great importance. Capture more than one image of the target allows you to choose between all the pictures that were taken and isolate the most beautiful and ideal. Serial shooting mode is recommended.
This was a bunch of tips and ideas that we hope you have liked, and more than that would be useful to you, if you really benefited from the topic, do not make this benefit stop you, but encourage and try to be positive and share the article with the rest of your friends.

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