Damage to water leakage under tiles

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Damage to water leakage under tiles

Сообщение merehan1 » 11 сен 2020, 05:14

Water seepage under tiles or inside walls in general leads to disintegration inside concrete and cement layers, especially after being ignored for long periods, as it affects the cohesion of the house or facility and leads to significant losses of lives and property, in addition to the climatic conditions from rainwater and groundwater that increase the size of the problem. And cause more losses.

Where the iron bars that form the columns of the house begin to rust and corrode when the water reaches them, and even large cracks and cracks appear on the building from the inside and outside, and even large blocks of bricks begin to fall and make large cavities in the walls and ceilings, which requires immediate action in order to reduce The size of the damage of underfloor waterproofing, as it is noticed by the continuous precipitation of drops of water and the corrosion of the layers of paints due to moisture.

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Causes and damages of underfloor waterproofing
Corrosion of pipes for water delivery is the main factor behind the occurrence of water leakage, either due to the use of pipes made of iron that corrode over time due to exposure to rust, as it begins to crumble inside the walls and holes appear in them and the water begins to leak from these pipes to accumulate inside the walls and ceilings Especially under tiles, which causes large holes in floors and affects the home's structure.

Indeed, when changing the tiles for the bathroom or kitchen, severe knocking may occur through a sharp tool, which causes an invisible leak in the walls that continues to increase and accumulate over time and eventually appears in the form of leaks from walls or ceilings.

When establishing the water network for some homes and facilities, water leakage detection methods are used to treat the problem of water leakage, poorly made adhesives or tubes made of plastic, but unequal connections are made with these pipes, which causes some voids to appear and then water comes out of them and causes severe damage.

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Methods for detecting underfloor water leaks
Water leaks are detected through several different methods, whether by looking at the abstract or observing the leakage, as layers of paints fall from walls and ceilings without reaching the groundwater, with different spots indicating the presence of high humidity in that place and water droplets begin to seep out of the walls.

Indeed, if the presence of water is inferred, but it is difficult to accurately determine the location, in this case, water leak detection companies are used that use the latest technologies that accurately detect the damage of underfloor water leakage through the use of water pressure devices in order to be treated easily instead of From cracking into walls completely.

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Ways to prevent the damage of water leakage under tiles
As for the methods of preventing water leaks in general, it is represented in making periodic and comprehensive checks of the water pipes in order to detect the occurrence of leaks early and thus increase the chances of survival or exposure to demolition and the impact of the concrete of the house, and it is preferable to choose good adhesives or water delivery pipes made of Reinforced plastic and has a thermal insulation property.

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