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Breguet Marine Dame 9517 9517ST / E2 / 984 watches for women

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Breguet Marine Dame 9517 9517ST / E2 / 984 watches for women

Today's Breguet Marine Dame 9517 9517ST / E2 / 984 watches watch brands can really say that there are hundreds of flowers, high school and low-end, luxury and close to the people, really everything. Among the many wrist watch brands , there are two brand names very similar - Breguet and Blancpain . In addition to these two similar names, these two brands are always compared by everyone, as if you must compete for a high and low for these two brands. In fact, these two brands are different, but for what reason, the two brands are close to each other and not red? Let me introduce you slowly!this Breguet and Blancpain in the beginning made two unrelated tables brand. Breguet ( Breguet ) (1747-1823), in 1775, opened its first Breguet watch shop in Paris by the Swiss-born of Abraham. Louis. Breguet. The Blancpain ( Blancpain ) Mr. Jahan-Jacques Blancpain, founded in 1735, is the oldest Swiss watch brands, is the world's first watch brand registered. The relationship between the two brands is limited to the country of Switzerland, but Breguet was founded in Paris, France, and Blancpain was founded in Switzerland.

It is also made of 18K white gold.On the side of the watch, we can see the side of the watch without a crown. It has a quick-tuning button. It is a special tool that can be quickly purchased by purchasing a watch.

Breguet , has a long history of best swiss watches brands in the wrist watch history, the watch is definitely a pivotal session of the wrist watch brand , which Classique (Classic Series) is all A popular series, today's watch home brings you a Breguet classic 7787 watch, the official model of the watch is: 7787BB/12/9V6 .Inspired by the design style of Abraham - Louis Breguet, the Classique collection creates a model of perfect watchmaking technology – precise time, clear display and elegant lines. The watch is crafted in a 18-carat white gold case with a 39 mm diameter design and an elegant mid-section with a black alligator strap.It is a watch with a 18K white gold shell build, 39 mm diameter watch design, the silver disk, blue steel Breguet more beautiful pointer on the dial, the same 18K on white gold crown engraved classic Breguet LOGO .The side of the 18K white gold and diamond case is the famous coin decoration of Baodi, which reflects the overall shape and is introverted. It inherits the noble blood of Baodi from the bones, and the blood of Baodi is flowing. This is also a very important feature of Breguet.The watch is paired with a black crocodile leather strap, stitched with black thread, and the buckle is designed with a fold-over buckle.

This slender and elegant hand was designed around 1783 and is very popular. Since then, "Breguet hands" ( Breguet Hands) has become the watchmaking common professional terms. The Breguet pointer is simple and easy to read. It is an essential feature of every Breguet watch , and it has become the object of many other brands to follow.

This swiss automatic watches is used to adjust the quick-tuning device. The moon phase profit and loss of the school watch is displayed. Button quick-tuning button until the month is quite medium, check the monthly calendar, calculate the number of days that have passed since the last full moon, and then adjust the moon phase by pressing the quick-tuning button one day, so that the correct phase can be completed.
The design of the watch's hands is also designed with the classic Breguet blue steel hands. For more than two centuries, Breguet has been using the famous pointers created by the founder of the brand with a hollowed-out eccentric "moon shape" tip.

Watch dial with silver disk design is, 12 o'clock position with fine moon phase display means, in the watch 3 provided with a power reserve display apparatus o'clock position, the watch can know the full chain from the drawing A 38- hour power reserve is available.The movement of this watch is Cal.591DRL automatic mechanical movement, the movement is designed and produced by Breguet, with deep technical support. This movement can realize the time display of the big three needles, the excellent moon phase function and the power reserve display function. The movement is also inlaid with 25 jewel bearings, which makes the watch more stable and makes the movement more beautiful. The movement also provides 38 hours of power reserve.
Breguet Classique (Classic Series) is inspired by the original master Breguet watch models, fully embodies the revolutionary innovation of Breguet master design, simple shape, structure, symmetry, at a glance, reflecting the movement perfect operation, today watch The home brings you a classic of the Breguet Classic Collection . The official model of the breguet watches is: 9517 9517ST / E2 / 984.