Home insect control methods

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Home insect control methods

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Home insect control methods
Some people may suffer from the appearance of insects and pests in the home, and they are usually dealt with using sprays and baits that are bought from stores. These methods are effective, but they may harm those in the home, such as children or even pets because they are strong chemicals. Safe home insect control, like the natural elements in the home, is much better to maintain safety, and here are the most important ways to combat safe home insects: شركة مكافحة بق الفراش بدبي

Vinegar: Vinegar is a strong and effective agent to clean and combat various insects and pests such as ants, it works to remove odors, pull insects and catch them, and it is used by mixing vinegar with drops of dishwashing liquid or soap and leaving it aside, which leads to the withdrawal of many insects, catching them and preventing them From escaping.
Wild mint: Mint is a natural deterrent to cockroaches by spraying it with water and placing it in places where cockroaches appear.
Essential oils: Natural oils are characterized by their ability to combat bed bugs and moths, such as: lavender, eucalyptus, and mint, and they are used by forming a mixture of water and oil drops and spreading it on carpets, rugs and bedding.
Salt: salt contributes to killing fleas and flea eggs also by drying them, and it is used by spraying a fine amount of salt on the carpet and leaving it for 24 hours, then removing it by vacuuming.
Vacuuming: It is the easiest way to get rid of beetles, and they can be brought back outside after catching them by installing a long socks on the hose and tying it with a rubber band to form a trap for the beetles.
Acids: Acids are great traps for spiders and can be used by mixing water with lemon juice or by spraying lemons around doors and windows.
Cornstarch: is an effective ant killer. Small piles of it are placed that allow ants to eat it as food, or they are pulled into their homes and when eaten, it will kill them due to the difficulty and inability to digest it.
Petroleum: It helps prevent the spread of ants and insects in the home, and it is used by creating an oil barrier in front of the places where the insects are located to prevent their exit, and cinnamon, chalk or hot pepper can also be used.
Mint: Peppermint is one of the most prominent ways to combat insects in the house, and it traps various types of insects and harmful creatures such as mice, mosquitoes, ants and flies, and it is used by placing small bags filled with mint powder, or by using mint tea bags around the house.

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