Water leak detection method

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Water leak detection method

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Water leak
The problem of water leakage is one of the problems that most concern people. This is because of the damage it inflicts on buildings and homes, so it is necessary to strive hard to reveal whether there is a water leak or not. Water leakage is known as a defect that occurs in the water connections of various forms, whether it is in the drain pipes or elbows or various parts of water pipes, including: faucets, tanks, and heaters. The places surrounding the leak, such as floors and walls, damage them as a result of their interaction with building materials, corrosion of iron and wear of concrete, and thus exacerbate problems if treatment is neglected.

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Types of waterproofing
Visible leaks: This is the defect that affects the prominent or existing connections in the external part of the walls and floors and can be seen with the naked eye such as taps, external connections, heaters, or upper cabinets, and this type is characterized by easy repair and discovery.
Hidden leaks: This type of leakage affects the internal connections of water, which are often inside the walls and floors, and the great difference between them and the visible leaks is noticeable due to the difficulty of detecting them, as this can only be based on the results that can be observed in the place surrounding the leak in the form of deformations and cracks And spots of changing color.

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Water leak detection methods
There are many ways to detect water leaks, what is manual, and in order to make sure of that, we close all the sources that supply the house with water, such as cocks and taps, while giving all the building members not to use water completely in the period of time in which the sources are closed in a step to determine the meter reading and monitor it and it is preferable to continue This is the case for a period of up to five hours, and after the period has passed, the meter is read again, so if the first and second readings are identical, the house is free of leaks, and if there is a difference between them, this indicates the amount of water leaked, and the matter requires the use of water leak detection companies to repair The issue quickly so as not to aggravate the problem.

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Methods for preventing water leaks
It is usually recommended to obtain insulation services for the home, and this step is considered as a method of protection for the home from all damage that may be caused to it from water and heat, so it is imperative to waterproof the surfaces with water and thermal insulation against humidity, in addition to isolating the bathrooms and walls, in addition to swimming pools to reduce leaks The floor.

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