Leaked in the bathroom ceiling What are the signs of water leaks?

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Leaked in the bathroom ceiling What are the signs of water leaks?

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Leaked in the bathroom ceiling What are the signs of water leaks?
There are many reasons behind water leaks, which pose many problems that plague customers, the most prominent of these reasons:

Water leaks are often caused by damage to the sewage pipes and may even damage the water networks.
Sometimes the cause of water leaks may be bath problems or toilet problems that can only be seen with the naked eye after they cause many serious problems.
Water may leak in the bathroom in the event that there are joints between the ceramics or tiles and some of them, and it is due to the lack of welding between the joints and some of them well.
Another type of cause behind water leaks is external leaks that are not easily identifiable and which include faucets and connections that are installed outside.
Internal leakage in walls and floors, which is considered one of the types of serious hidden leaks, which can only be discovered by a technician specializing in this field using modern devices that ensure early detection of water leaks and solve them with ease.
Leak in the bathroom ceiling
What are the signs of water leaks?

There are several signs of water leaks that can be included in:

The rust that the sewage pipes are exposed to, and it may lead to corrosion of reinforcing steel.
Sometimes it may reach the point of falling paint on the walls and ceilings and this indicates the presence of water leakage in the bathroom ceiling.
When the ceilings are saturated with water, they produce a green color, which is called algae and harmful bacteria, or often the color is dark, and this means that the walls and ceiling are saturated with water resulting from water leaks.
The presence of water on the floors in bathrooms and kitchens is one of the most obvious signs of water leakage.
Water bills are higher than usual every month without clear reasons. One of the most important signs of water leakage in bathrooms and kitchens.
When there is a big problem with the neighbors, whether it is in the toilet or bathtub, this can cause water leaks, which greatly harm the neighbors and each other, and this, of course, requires treatment of the bathroom ceiling.
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Proper ways to identify water leaks
There are many ways to easily identify the location of the leak, including manual methods, and among them are the modern methods used by major companies to detect water leaks or contracting companies using modern devices:

Manual methods for detecting water leaks
Manual methods are among the most prominent ways that the customer can single-handedly inspect water leaks through the following steps:

Turn off the main water supply in the house completely.
Inspecting the places of water leakage with a thin stick through which it is knocked on the ceiling, walls or floors, and if loud sounds are heard in this case, it means there are water leaks and severe moisture.
The method for reading the water meter can be followed at least two or four times a day, each time at least four or five hours difference to ensure a good reading of the water meter. This method determines whether there are water leaks or not.
Sometimes the customer may hear the sound of water in the pipes and water networks, even if the water is closed, and this is clear evidence of a water leak.شركة فحص فلل بالخبر
Using devices to detect water leaks
This method can be followed in major companies to detect water leaks using modern devices, which the Aquaphone device is one of the most powerful and best devices used in this field, where the specialist technician places the microphone device on the floors, walls or ceiling and then listens through the special microphone In the event of water leaks, the device makes sounds that are not heard by the competent technician only.

Sometimes nitrogen gas can be used by pumping it into the sewage pipes, whether it is cold or hot pipes, and in the event of water leaks, the indicator of the device moves and determines the exact location of the leak, and often the thermal camera device and endoscope device can be used, which are considered one of the best devices It is the most recent and super powerful one.

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