Wireless Networks

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Wireless Networks

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Wireless Networks - WEP stands for Wireless Encryption Protocol. This protocol is one of the two most popular data transmission protocols used by wireless connections. It provides adequate protection; some variables can be adjusted for even greater protection. There are many ways to circumvent WEP security, but only three can be accomplished with a wireless card. Nowadays, most wireless cards, including the Aironet 350 series, support WEP encryption. A hacker must obtain the appropriate software tools, which are easily available online, and then steal the password or Wi-Fi credentials for the entire network.

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Сообщение DavidKar » 05 авг 2022, 08:30

I had earlier requested for seminar report on Wireless Sensor Networks but my request has been disapproved I dont know why?... Would you Please Please help me in this regard, I am a student at Shadan Engineering College in Hyderabad and I am in an urgent need for this information.....

I will be really very Obliged and Grateful if you could please help me...

In any situation I Thank You for your consideration.

Moaaz Mohammed Mumtaz

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