or other minor skin irritation

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or other minor skin irritation

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Plantain Leaf Helps Those With Skin Disorders Health Articles | June 25 Blake Wheeler Womens Jersey , 2010
You?ve got to hate it when you find out that you went to a lot of trouble to kill a weed in your yard only to learn it was a goldmine of healing powers! Plantain is just such a weed. Unless it is winter, it is probably growing in your lawn right now. There are 200 species of plantain. You will recognize it by its cluster of rounded leaves with nubby spikes rising vertically from the midst.

Plantain (officially Plantago major) is a weed commonly found in the wild and (much to suburbanites? chagrin) the lawns of almost everyone living in temperate climates. Just think, here?s a weed probably found in your yard that you used to kill, and now, after reading this, you will want to harvest! There are over 200 species. You can find it quickly when you see the green, nubby spikes Mathieu Perreault Jersey , which stick up out of a cluster of round leaves.

Plantain was used in time past to heal the bites of ?mad dogs, snakes, and venomous creatures.? On this side of the ocean, Native Americans learned to use plantain in the same way. In colonial America a slave would be freed if he taught them how to use plantain to cure rattlesnake bite. An article written in 1710 listing the benefits of plantain leaf made it sound like the proverbial medicine man?s elixir, Doctor Magic?s Cure for everything!

Take a few fresh leaves, crush or chew them, and see how quickly they stop the bleeding of an open wound or the pain and inflammation of bites and stings. Plantain can also be used to treat minor cuts and a wide range of skin disorders Kyle Connor Jersey , including dandruff, eczema, or sunburn. Plantain is like a First Aid kit growing in the lawn! A cup of strong Plantain tea will calm indigestion, and the leaf will relieve the pain of a toothache. In Europe they endorse plantain as a treatment for bronchitis, sore throat, and cold symptoms.

Today, plantain has been acclaimed for its ability to relieve the effects of bee stings Mark Scheifele Jersey , insect and spider bites, and rashes caused by Poison Ivy or Stinging Nettles. Plantain, Jewelweed, and Hound?s Tongue are all called by Dr. Christopher "Nature?s erasers." "Stand anywhere within sight of Poison Ivy, and look about. You will always see at least one of these plants, placed by the hand of God to come to your aid, if you should need it." The fiber and mucilage from the seeds of the Plantago species are a primary source of fiber for millions of people worldwide. Plantain will also protect the body against tumors and help resist damage to the liver resulting from chemotherapy drugs.

Many commercial cosmetic creams and lotions list as an active ingredient a substance called allantoin that is found in plantain leaves. It speeds wound healing Josh Morrissey Jersey , kills germs, and stimulates the growth of new skin cells.

Plantain is a contact healer. As such, it is essential for emergency situations to stop itching andor bleeding, reduce inflammation, kill infection, etc. Basically, along with cayenne Joel Armia Jersey , and comfrey, plantain is a must in case of physical injuries.

Try this: make a simple ointment with olive oil, extract of fresh plantain, and a little beeswax. Apply this to skin ailments, including diaper rash. You can rub fresh plantain leaves right onto the skin to treat bug bites, eczema, poison ivy Connor Hellebuyck Jersey , or other minor skin irritations. Another method is to make a soothing poultice of fresh, mashed leaves and a little cool water. This will sooth sunburn. You can purchase plantain as a liquid extract and in capsule form also. For bronchial symptoms the usual dosage is one teaspoon of liquid extract three times a day, or six grams in capsules per day.

The good news is that plantain is not only good for you, but it is also safe to take. Though consuming extremely large amounts could cause diarrhea, skin rash, or other allergic reaction, there have been no toxic reactions reported with the normal use of plantain. However Michael Hutchinson Jersey , it is very critical to store plantain in a dark, dry, and cool place. Refrigerating or freezing it is recommended but not necessary. By keeping it cool, you will delay the . Wholesale Nike Shoes Cheap Wholesale Air Jordan Cheap Wholesale Air Max 270 Wholesale Nike Shoes Cheap Air Jordan Cheap Nike Shoes Clearance Cheap Air Max Shoes Wholesale Air Max Shoes Wholesale Nike Air Max Shoes Wholesale Nike Shoes Free Shipping

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Re: or other minor skin irritation

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